There are many reasons to visit North Cyprus. Here is a selection of our favourites…..

We are NOT in the Eurozone - This means that your money goes further here due to the slowly falling value of the Turkish Lira against currencies such as the Euro, the British Pound and the Dollar.

The Mediterranean way of life - is relaxed, friendly and simple. We do not like to rush around. We spend time with friends, and invite strangers to sit and drink coffee and chat. We value these parts of life and encourage others to slow down and share more of themselves. The favourite saying of Cypriots is Yavaş Yavaş (slow slow) and is the perfect example of their general philosophy!

It is Crime Free! - North Cyprus is relatively crime free. Children are raised in a strong family environment where respect for others, for themselves and for others property is the norm. This culture creates a nation of people that do not wish to steal or to harm others.

The amazing scenery – It is a spectacularly beautiful area of the island. Most areas of North Cyprus have amazing views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Besparmak Mountain range at the same time. Enjoy some trekking in North Cyprus or tandem paragliding to see as much of the landscape as possible!

The cost of living in North Cyprus is low – especially in comparison to the majority of European countries. Property prices, rental prices and fresh produce prices are also low, making it a very affordable destination. North Cyprus beaches – North Cyprus has over 240km of coastline, which means that there is ample beach space for everyone. Whatever your choice on your North Cyprus holiday you will find the beach for you, even deserted beaches in the height of summer!

The Sunshine – The sun shines in Cyprus for more than 320 days per year! The summer is long and hot and guarantees you sunshine for your tan. Return from your Cyprus holiday feeling tanned and revitalised and the envy of your friends back home, but be careful to protect your skin from the harmful rays and stay safe.

The Cypriot cuisine – many regional variations on traditional dishes exist in Cyprus due to the different influences from the neighbouring countries. North Cyprus restaurants offer a wide range of choice from European style menus to Turkish Kebaps, Kleftiko and mezes and Middle Eastern dishes.

Weddings in North Cyprus – Everyone loves a good wedding! And the sun, sea and scenery of North Cyprus makes it the perfect venue. The island is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love making it the most appropriate setting for your nuptials. The costs of getting married here are a fraction of the cost of other weddings abroad so more and more lovers are now choosing North Cyprus marriages.

Historical Sites - tell stories of ancient civilisations and ever changing occupation of the island by different neighbouring countries. Old palaces, monasteries and castles depict a colourful picture of the islands history.

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