The island of Cyprus is situated in a protected position between a number of countries and has therefore been influenced by different cultures over a long period of history.

Today this is reflected in the architecture, the cuisine and the mix of people on the island. In 1974 the island became divided into the Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) inhabited by the Greek Cypriots, and Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (or TRNC) inhabited by the Turkish Cypriots. The story of this division, and the events leading to it are a matter of great debate and one that many have very strong opinions on. This is not a subject we will begin to discuss here, though you may hear many residents and visitors expressing opinions during your time travelling the island.
We ask only that you keep an open mind, and take North Cyprus on face value, and appreciate its countless qualities, and we will help you along your way with some current information about the TRNC.

The Climate in North Cyprus is that of a typical eastern Mediterranean area, giving long hot summers reaching up to 40 ° C / 104 ° F and short winters with lowest daytime temperatures of 10 °C/ 50 °F (night time 5 ° C/ 41 °F)Sea temperatures are said never to drop below 16 °C/ 60°F and can rise to bathwater standards of 26°C/79°F during the summer months!

The currency of North Cyprus is officially the Turkish Lira. Tourist areas, and most larger supermarkets however will accept other currency including the Euro, the Dollar, and the British Pound. You can pay with foreign currency and your change will be given to you in Turkish Lira. Do check the rate they are offering if you wish to do this, as it may not be quite as high as the currency exchange bureau. The Turkish lira is divided into Kürüş (pronounced koo-roosh) and there are 100 Kürüş to every Lira. The rates correct at May 2014 are 1TL = North Cyprus Banking and other government offices operate 2 different timetables. One for summer and one for winter. During the winter the opening times are 8am until 4pm and only Monday to Friday, closing for lunch between 1 and 2pm. During the summer season this changes to 8am to 2pm opening hours, with no break for lunch. There are ATM's available in most villages and in all towns. Opening a bank account in North Cyprus is a simple process, requiring only your passport and a copy of your property title deeds or rental agreement if this is applicable. There are great interest rates to be found here encouraging investment in North Cyprus. Please speak to one of the popular banks for more details.

North Cyprus beaches are both plentiful and beautiful! Clear turquoise waters, no tides and shallow inclines make many of the beaches the perfect spot for swimming, paddling and cooling off during the long hot days. Some of the best beaches are; Alagadi beach with Turtles nesting between May and September, and a restaurant and bar and changing facilities; Esentepe beach with 2 bays, sandy on one side and perfect for swimming and rocky on the other side with more powerful waves great for wave jumping and splashing around; Akdeniz beach with water sports, restaurant and nesting Turtles; Famagusta beaches with long sandy stretches and beach clubs for water sports and luxury facilities; Morphou bay beaches near Guzelyurt with water sports and kite surfing, Kervansaray beach with the famous Escape BeachClub offering entertainment and water sports; Kaplica beach offering shallow sandy stretches, parasols and sun loungers and home to the Kaplica Fish Restaurant; and of course Golden Beach at Karpaz, the most famous of all, with endless miles of empty sandy beach and clear shallow sea.

Car Hire in North Cyprus is really a must if you want to make the most of your North Cyprus holiday. There is so much to see and so many places to visit that renting a car in North Cyprus will give you the freedom to choose your itinerary every day. Of course if you would prefer not to drive so you can make the most of seeing the sights and the scenery you can choose to arrange a sight seeing tour with MyCyprus Taxi.
Accommodation in North Cyprusis a matter of individual choice. There are 5 star Hotels in North Cyprus with Spa facilities and All inclusive options, or private Villas for rent in North Cyprus offering you seclusion and self catering family time. There are a great number of Holiday Apartments in North Cyprus with 1 or 2 bedrooms, giving you another self catering option, usually with communal pools and other shared facilities. Another North Cyprus holiday rental option is a holiday village usually with pools, restaurant, activities and other shared resort facilities. The choice is yours!

Flights to North Cyprus can be arranged in different ways. There is only one International Airport in North Cyprus, which is Ercan International Airport. However there is Larnaca Airport in the south offering cheap flights to Cyprus and also Paphos Airport on the south side of the island also offering cheap Cyprus flights. All you need to do when flying into the south side of the island is to book an airport transfer to take you across the border into North Cyprus and on to your holiday destination. Flights to Ercan Airport are required by the government to touch down in Turkey before proceeding to North Cyprus. Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet and Pegasus are the most common airlines flying 'direct' from the UK to Ercan via a short stop in Turkey where often there is no need to even get off the plane.

Getting married in North Cyprus is becoming more popular every year. The cost of getting wed in the UK rises continuously and offers daunting insecurity over the weather for your big day. North Cyprus weddings can offer you guaranteed sunshine, exciting backdrops for your photos and a much cheaper total bill for your or for Daddy to pay at the end of it! For more information about getting married in North Cyprus contact us with a few details.

Buying property in North Cyprus is more affordable than any developed holiday destination in the world. The market is rising slowly but steadily offering growth on any investment in North Cyprus property and these days many developers offer easy payment plans on their new build properties making owning your own holiday home abroad a much more realistic idea than every before. If you are interested in buying a villa in North Cyprus or owning a North Cyprus holiday apartment talk to us about where to start.

Sight seeing tips – What do you like to do when you're visiting a new area? Do you want to take an active part and walk through the Besparmak mountains? Stretching a massive 140 km from end to end the Five Finger mountains run from the east side of North Cyprus, almost parallel to the North coastline across to the west coast near Camlibel. Positioned along these mountains are the three crusader castles, St Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara each offering a different challenge, different views and differing stages of ruin. Further amazing architecture and great photo opportunities can be found in Kyrenia Castle and Othello Castle, Famagusta, together with icon museums, and artefacts dating back as far as the 3rd century BC!

Check out our North Cyprus Activities page for things to do, places to see and tailor make your ideal holiday in North Cyprus. Don't forget to look at our Sight seeing tours too for ideas.

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